Monday, 29 September 2008

Training, a new bike? and google map routes.

Since I last posted on here, I have done alot of training and I have got closer to organizing the route. I have recently gone back to school and I have got a weekend job where I work mostly nights so I have had less time to train but I have gone out after school and before work at the weekend.

With my money from my job I am planning to buy a new bike, I have done a little research and I found this bike where you can build it to your specifications. I am looking at spending £1400 at the most with all the accessories so if anyone has any bike to recommend then please contact me via commenting to leaving me an email.

Rhys who I have mentioned on a previous post has shown me a way to put all my routes that I have cycled on Google maps so I have done so and they can be found here and here. I think its pretty cool being able to see what I have cycled :P. There are loads of other routes but I have not had the time to add them yet.

Well this is it until next time :P

I have a got a pannier rack and bags for my bike and is nice not having to have a rucksack. :P Those bags were cheap ones from Lidl and I am gonna get some nicer ones in a few days with my Paycheck :)
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I went an another bike ride and this time my friend Rhys came who is also gonna do the big trip next year. This is the bike he used :P
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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Training 3 equipment

This is everything I take with me when I go cycling. This picture was taken at Tregynon Petrol station.
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