Sunday, 11 January 2009

Its a new year I better get planning :P

Happy New Year :)

So its finally 2009, a year of big change for me,  I will be off to Uni in just a few months. 

With the start of the new year, we have begun to plan the Lands End to John O' Groats trips as its also only a few months away. 

We have started on the route and I will upload a copy when we have a completed one.  This planning is really exciting for us and is an important part of the experience. I hope to have a few videos of the planning uploaded in a few weeks.


With the new year we have also started on a new training regieme which includes alot of cycling :P, the gym, swimming and jogging.

As well as getting as getting us fit, the extra time on the road will give us invaulable experience as we are still kinda novices. 

In addition to this I have planned  a few 100-150 mile weekend rides for the next two months and should have some more pictures to put up from those.


I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who Sponsored me for the Cross Wales Charity ride which was a success, overall raising around £200 and I will have some more photos from that uploaded in a few weeks. 

Isaac :)


Mick Wood said...

Dude, I'm full of admiration! I'd love to do LEJOG one day! I've still got L plates on, building up fitness and getting used to riding. I'll be following your blog to see how you go :oD

Inightmares said...

Ah thanks :). To be honest I am also a newcomer to cycling. Last August I set the LEJOG trip as a long term goal for this summer as something to do before I start university. I have only been cycling properly for this time and have slowly gained experience and equipment and I am now even on my way to getting fit :P.

What bike do you have?
Isaac :)

Mick Wood said...

I have a Trek 1.2 09. Has done me proud since getting it, happy with it so far :oD
LEJOG would be something for me to do one day in the future but getting time off work to do it will be a day....maybe!