Sunday, 1 February 2009

New equipment :)

Having just finished all my January exams, I decided to treat myself and get some new equipment for my bike. I have gone a bit overboard spending around £200 but I cant wait for it all to arrive. 

The bike shop in my town is poorly stocked and the people there are more knowledgable of mountain bikes etc.

Because of this I cycled to their other shop about a 30 mile round trip before work and got loads of stuff. I have now ordered a Pannier rack, a cycling computer, some carbon soled cycling shoes and peddles with the cleats, a mud guard and I found a small one man tent in an outdoors shop.

 I did have some cash on me at the time so I bought some over shoe's, it makes such a difference and I could really notice how warm my feet were cycling home :P. 

In a few weeks its the half-term holidays so I am planning few larger trips, the first of which is from Adlington where Im going to visit some family then cycle back to Mid Wales. Its about 120 miles and should be great fun. I will get the train there and cycle back which is what I did for the cross wales trip.

The second trip in the pipeline is cycling to Snowdonia and back with my friend Rhys. I am really looking foreword to both of these.

As for the John O' Groats - Land's End trip, planning came to a halt during exams but I hope to be setting dates within a few weeks and then we start to book train tickets :P.

Training wise, Rhys and I have been getting up at stupid times in the morning, as early as 5:30 and doing 15-25 miles before school every other day. I am also continuing to cycle everywhere, to sixthform, work etc and am still doing my 30-60 mile trips twice at the weekend. 

I set my record in distance last weekend making 62.4 miles in 4 1/2 hours over some huge hills. I was so pleased but so tired too and had work 2 hours after I got back.

I will have more pictures up soon and the specific info about the stuff I have bought


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